5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Ordering Labels

To many, label packaging and even designing seems deceptively simple.  A label is after all, just a sticker.  But a second look at the process that goes into the design and even the science behind what makes labels stick on surfaces reveals a complex process. That is why one must be thoroughly informed before ordering a label.  That’s because making an order is not all about finding a label designer and issuing instructions. Ask yourself these vital questions first before making an order.

What’s Your Budget?

Labels come in different sizes, colors, materials and adhesives. All these factors affect pricing in one way or another. For instance, labels designed to be stuck on glass surfaces will differ in pricing from labels designed to be stuck on metal surfaces. Embellishments and protection options can also affect pricing. Knowing the type of label you need and why you need it will go a long to help you manage your budget. It will also be easier for your label printer to come up with creative solutions that work well, look great and do not cost you so much.

How Many Labels Do You Need?

This is all about quantity.  Just like all forms of commercial printing, label prices tend to scale down as quantities increase. The price increase is more often than not, drastic. It is simple. The fewer product labels you order, the more you will pay because you will be charged per label. Quantity considerations that take into account your future label needs will help you save more money.

When Do You Need The Labels?

Your label printer should be able to work with your deadline. This is important especially to the printer mainly because of the printing process and the stages involved. With a clear deadline, the printer should be able to plan his or her printing schedule from the ordering stage, through art proofing, approvals and printing.

What Are Your Size Dimensions?

This is perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself before placing an order. Label size and shape are factors that directly affect pricing. This is particularly important if you need a custom shape and design that have to be specially produced with a custom die. With more than 5000 custom dies in the market, it is a smart idea to figure out exactly what you need before placing an order.

How Often Will You Order?

Repeat clients always get discounts. This happens in nearly all industries, not just printing. But there is yet another perk that comes along with repeat orders. Current and future labels printed on the same type of printing press easily ensure the best quality as well as consistency in color reproduction.

You may also want to let your printer know what type of environment your labels will face. That way, the printer will know which type of adhesives, materials and protection options to budget for.  This is particularly important because labels designed for use in extreme weather conditions differ in so many ways from adhesive composition and size all the way to color options and choice of text.