5 Inspirational Bath And Beauty Label Designs To Emulate

If you are a bath and beauty manufacturer, you need to understand how important label designs are. Effective bath and beauty labels help to promote a brand and also increase sales. If you are looking for inspirations on how to design your next bath and beauty labels, check out the following examples:

Jojoba Oil

The producers of this product understand the importance of a presentable packaging and labeling. The designer of this beauty product label has simplified his design which makes it more appealing. This is a case where the term ‘simple is more’ applies. The designer has also used minimal text in the design. The name of the product and a few details to inform the clients what it is all about to allow them to make an informed choice.  Another thing the designer put into consideration is the shape of the label. Instead of using standard rectangular label shapes, he has opted to use rounded corners to make the label more appealing. The shape of the label plays a major role in determining how the end design will be.

Double Trouble

These are beauty products like lip gloss, nail polish and mascara. Such products are packaged in small containers and that affects the size of the label. Also, the size limits how much you can incorporate in the label design. The designer of these labels has used minimal text for the product. As you can see, the producer of these products decided to use clear labels. This strategy allows the products to market themselves since consumers can see the content in the containers. If you have created products that have colored content, it is best to use clear labels and containers.


This is a perfume product. The simplicity of the label design is just amazing. The creator of this label decided to invest in a unique container to make his product more interesting. The container shape itself is enough to attract attention from a store shelve. When you look closely, the label designer has used a unique label shape to add an aesthetic appeal to the packaging. He has just put the name of the product on the label which leaves buyers without much information about the product. This strategy can either work for your products or not. Not including much information on your labels can push away clients who need to know about a product before buying it. However, being a perfume, this strategy can work for this product owner. The simplicity leaves some mystery which can lure shoppers to buy the products who are curious about to find out what it all about. The use of black color in the label design gives the product an elegant and expensive look and that is what perfume shoppers look for before they buy a product.


These products have use labels that go all around the product. This has allowed the designer to include as much information as he can in the design. The combination of the colors used is appealing to the eye as well. If you need labels that can cover the entire surface of your product, you should invest in shrink sleeves.

Byredo Handcream

The label design on this product is simple. The designer did not incorporate the use of color that much. The background white color allows the black text to pop. Every shopper can clearly see that it is a hand cream which allows consumers to make a fast decision whether to buy the product or not.