4 Things Intriguing Labels Have In Common

Product labels play a crucial role when it comes to marketing a product. It is what consumers identify with all the time. This can only mean one thing – that when it comes to designing labels for your product, there shouldn’t be room for complacency. Some of the world’s most respected brands figured out this secret. That is why their labels stand out. But over and beyond this secret which has long been figured out, lies other factors that make labels stand out. Experts have since noted that the factors cut across powerful labels. In other words, widely recognized and respected labels have the following in common:

Thoughtful Use Of Color

It is hard to deny the fact that color plays the most important role in label designs. This fact is backed by several research studies which all agree that color affects emotions, which subsequently affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. Red and yellow are prime examples of colors that have been used for years to influence consumer purchasing trends they are thought to have an ‘urging’ power. So whatever label design you choose to go for, research on which colors work in your favor.

Color Printing Vs Spot Color

There is a direct link between this factor and the above mentioned one.  Your labels can be printed using either full-color (otherwise known as CMYK or process) or they can be printed using spot color. Spot colors limit your choice to just three single colors. This means you may have just red ink on the printed piece. You may also have red, or blue or yellow and so on. The point is, the printed piece always has one color. Full color printing is different and more complex. It used all the four main colors used in printing (Magenta, Cyan, Black and Yellow) blended together to create stunning graphics. This makes full color printing the most appropriate option for reproducing color photographs on labels.

Successful brand owners know what works best for their labels. Study well too, what works for you then choose accordingly. While at it, note that color printing always takes the medal where one wants to go for simple label designs.


Take time to randomly pick your favorite brands. Pick any industry, from confectionaries and beverages all the way to fresh produce and even textiles. You will notice how the fonts used in the labels you chose are easily readily from a distance. The secret here is to make it easy for the consumer to notice your brand at a quick glance. It is not rocket science. Pick an easily readable font that complements other design elements of your label.

Bleed Vs No Bleed

These are terms that refer to label designs. ‘Bleed’ simply means that the artwork of a label flows off the edges. ‘No bleed’ means the label features a label material or color that confines the artwork within the edges. Bleed can also be used to refer to the overall layout. Either way, successful brands use these concepts to come up with designs that stand out with ease. That explains why hiring creative design experts should always be considered an investment.