Safeguarding Your Brand With Anti-Counterfeit Labels

Counterfeit products are becoming a real threat for growing businesses all over the world. Counterfeit goods result in huge economic losses and even put the lives of consumers at risk. Counterfeiting affects largely industries dealing in food, pharmaceutical, technology, beauty,..

When Do You Require BOPP Labels?

With so many different materials to choose from when getting your labels designed, you might end up feeling a little lost and overwhelmed. The importance of this step cannot be overstated considering the fact that every different shape and surface..

Do Your Products Require Embossed Labels?

Embossed labels have the capability of achieving a premium packaging look. Not only do they add an aesthetic appeal to a product but they have a tactile quality as custom labels. The process to create embossed labels requires a lot..

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding BS5609 Label Compliance

Companies that manufacture dangerous chemicals need to print BS5609 labels that comply with GHS labeling requirements. If a company manufacturers chemicals that need to be exported, they need to label with GHS labels that are BS5609 certified.  In this article,..

How To Request For A Detailed Label Printing Quote

Your company's labels are among the top determining factors for product performance in the market. This is because they create the very first impression of your product for potential consumers and determine whether they will show further interest or simply..