Add Beauty to Your Cosmetic Product Labels

It is widely known that cosmetics are products meant enhance beauty thus their labels should also be aesthetically appealing. It would be so ironical if the label does not contain some beauty in it. Cosmetics being beauty products should have..

Let’s Talk About Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper proof labels acquire their name from the word tamper which means altering of a package, product or a system. Tamper proof labels provide security for transit of important package and documents. These labels are formulated in such a way..

Label Lamination FAQs

There are different label materials and finishes that go into producing professional custom labels. At first, it can all seem complicated but ultimately adhesive, finish and material options exists so that custom labels can fit different specific needs. When printing..

How to Create Removable Labels for Recycling Containers

Removable labels are made from non-toxic and biodegradable materials and use repositionable adhesives to allow easy peeling of labels off products. These labels are mostly applied on promotional labels as coupons. The adhesive used on removable labels does not leave residue on..