How To Engage Your Customers Using QR Codes

Before you engage your customers with this gift of technology you need to understand it first. The QR stands for Quick Response. Therefore, QR codes are quick response codes that can be scanned using a smart phone’s camera. The information..

Avoid Recalls Due to Pharmaceutical and Medical Label Errors

Quality labeling and packaging is a very vital entity where it concerns the pharmaceutical industry.  The complex rules, processes and regulations must be adhered to with absolute precision. Any mistakes in the pharmaceutical and medical labels could result in untold..

How to Create Removable Labels for Recycling Containers

Removable labels are made from non-toxic and biodegradable materials and use repositionable adhesives to allow easy peeling of labels off products. These labels are mostly applied on promotional labels as coupons. The adhesive used on removable labels does not leave residue on..